Working with Gerald was the best experience. As we tried to wrap our heads around the process of buying a home, he was so patient in answering our endless questions over and over again. He never once expressed exasperation with us. He's a saint. I was able to tell a friend about our wonderful experience in purchasing a house and refer them to Gerald. I would do it again a hundred times for others to have the same experience we had. Great job Gerald we appreciate your hard work with us and we are loving our new home!

Karissa McClendon, Texas

He had a lot of patience with us 3 females and our different opinions.. we appreciated that a lot seeing as how we went thru 2 house contract before getting the final one. Highly recommend Gerald Coughlin !!

Sigrid Foreman

fter not finding anything we wanted from existing homes for sale, we continued to work with Gerald to purchase property and build a home. He was instrumental in identifying the local builders and guiding us through that process, which was new to us.

Our situation was made more complex by the fact that we lived 200 miles away from our new property. Gerald was so helpful in acting as an informal and much needed liaison with the builder, the bank, and the title company whenever we needed him.

Gerald is extremely professional. He is very friendly and so easy to work with. We highly recommend his services.